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Back-File Scanning Services

Back-file scanning refers to the process of bulk conversion of existing paper documents into digital format. An organization that has accumulated high volumes of records and needs easy search and access to these documents on a regular basis selects this as an initial first step in digitally transforming their workflow. Digital conversion of documents also allows access from various locations, which can be beneficial for organizations and companies with multiple locations and employees accessing the same documents.

Back-file scanning has a multitude of benefits; increase employee efficiency and productivity by reducing the time to locate, retrieve and file documents, creates one central location and online access for multiple locations, eliminates the risk of files being misplaced or lost within an office.

We have a thorough preparation process that documents undertake before scanning to ensure that documents that are fragile and scanned using appropriate measures, documents are repaired if required before processing.

Using either the client’s preferred online system or one provided by us we output the digital format as required for future client retrieval and upload to the requested secure platform. The physical documents can be stored in our secure storage facility and once the retention period is up we can securely return your documents to your premises.

Day-Forward Scanning

Day-forward scanning refers to the process of digitizing newly created documents on a regular basis. Our team will work with your organization to streamline your document flow. Employees will be introduced to a new workflow protocol that fits with your organization to maintain efficiency and document control.

We offer many solutions for organizations that include off-site forward scanning solutions where our team will pick up documents, scan them and upload your documents and/or hardware, software, and training for integration with your existing processes.

Improve Your Efficiency

What is efficiency in terms of business? Business efficiency describes how well an organization converts its resources into goods and services.

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